The Crew

Per boat

Our independent skilled skipper
- Racers and good navigators, they are experienced sailors
- They will share you their passion for sailing
- Sailing in French Polynesia for years they already explored the most amazing anchorages and exceptional places. They will share their secrets with you
- Sport animator, they will organize your dives, hikings and others nautical activities.

Our hostess
- As polynesians, they are the crew’s soul and will warm you up with their special polynesian welcome
- Good cookers, they know how to prepare delicious local and international dishes
- Crew, they take part of the skipper’s manoeuvers and they mostly got a degree for lagoon cruise.
- As guides, they will make you discoverying their culture and the island’s legendary stories

The back office

Our service of manutention and assistance :
- Under the responsability of our marine electrician

Our conciergery service :
- In charge of your cruise’s organization : shuttle, national flights, hotelry and extern organization

Our logistics service :
- Programming and management of the invoicing planning

A performing team at your entire disposition to ensure you the best cruise

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